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CALL OUR HOTLINE 020 8335 4949

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Tour Specialist Hotline
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Promotional Materials

Once you have decided that you wish to book with Sport Experiences, we are fully aware that the promotion of the tour to students, parents and club members is a key task that has to be undertaken.


To help you successfully promote the tour and ensure that you attract sufficient numbers to make your tour viable, we have produced promotional materials that you are welcome to use.

Suggested Letter to Parents and Guardians

To save you time when preparing a letter for parents and guardians, we have created suggested templates for you to use. We have developed two templates, one based on a playing tour to our Junior Rugby Festival and one based on a spectator tour to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Please feel free to edit the content to suit whichever tour you are planning to book. To download these suggested letters to parents, please click on Downloads & URLs.

Promotional Posters

We have also created a range of large A3 colour posters for our most popular tours and Festivals. On each poster we have left space for you to add in any specific tour information you wish. Either download the posters by clicking on Downloads & URLs or, if you prefer, contact us and let us know how many posters you need and we will send them to you.