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CALL OUR HOTLINE 020 8335 4949

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Tour Specialist Hotline
020 8335 4949 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Helping Tour Organisers to Plan and Promote their Tour

At Sport Experiences we fully appreciate the time and effort that tour organisers commit to when taking their team or group away on tour. Sport Experiences is therefore fully committed to ensuring that your tour preparation and planning are straightforward and easily organised. We aim to minimise your workload by taking care of every aspect of your tour arrangements.

Sport Experiences has developed the very best playing tours programme, combining professional travel arrangements with first class sports fixtures. When you travel, you can be sure that you will meet the right level of opposition, and that all games, at whatever level, are played in the right spirit, with opportunities given to all players to improve their standards and develop their love of their sport.

Sport Experiences' playing tours are available to a wide variety of destinations, ensuring that we can arrange the tour to match your budget and requirements. Wherever you choose to travel, you can expect the same excellent level of quality, value and above all, great sporting fun.

Sport Experiences also offers a range of spectator tours to major sporting events, including the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and the British Grand Prix.

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