What Our Customers Say

I have to say, you and the team have impressed me with your response to this difficult situation - especially at a time where we are all trying to navigate around updates and guidance on nearly a daily basis. As a result of your actions, we wouldn't hesitate to rebook with you in future years. This has helped you as a company to raise your head above the parapet as I know other providers are not being as supportive.

Devoran School

The boys have been fantastic throughout the tour. Huge well done to all the lads who have been superb in every aspect of tour. Big thanks to Sport Experiences it’s been a blast!

Gillingham School - Football | Gillingham School - Football

A huge thank you to Sport Experiences for a quality tour. It has been a fantastic few days and all the students have loved it. We will see you next year!

Gillingham School - Netball | Gillingham School - Netball

Amazing and tiring few days but loved every minute! Thanks very much to Sport Experiences for organising such a fantastic tour, everything from start to finish - perfect!

Whitburn Academy | Whitburn Academy

It was another amazing tournament and the coaching day was fantastic with some brilliant drills and skills competition and an inspiring talk with an up and coming England player. Thank you Sport Experiences. What a great experience for everyone concerned!

Newark Academy | Newark Academy

Winners all round! Fantastic end to a great tournament! Well Done to everyone! Thank you Sport Experiences, we’ve had a great time!

Monmouth Netball Club | Monmouth Netball Club

4 trophies, 35 happy girls and coaches, endless smiles and memories to last a lifetime.  Our last night on another hugely successful tour, will be sad to leave!

Halo's Netball | Halo's Netball

Thank you for the fantastic experience our girls have had!

Ikley Grammar | Ikley Grammar