Our school trip memories

School trips are more than just a couple of days out of the classroom. They present a great opportunity for teachers and group leaders to press home important ideas and make vital curriculum or skills information stick for young people who learn kinaesthetically. They also present young people with the opportunity to experience new things, see the world in a new light and, often, to forge stronger friendships.

Here’s a challenge for all readers: find someone that can’t remember their first school or sports club trip. Here at Study and Sport Experiences, we all have vivid recollections of these hugely important events in our young lives, so much so that we have decided to share some of them with you:

Fiona, Sales Support Team

I remember going on a business studies trip to Disneyland® Paris with my school when I was 14 (back then, it was called Euro Disney). It was the first time I left the country without my family and I absolutely loved it! I had never been on any fast rides before and my friend forced me to go on Space Mountain with her. It was so good that we went on it over and over again for what felt like the whole day.

Looking back, I guess I got a lot out of the trip as I got back to school with a real spring in my step; I was certainly more focused on business studies – without even realising it at the time.

Irene, Sales Support Team

I remember going to Dieppe with school when I was 12. We visited a war memorial site in Rouen which left a lasting impression on me right into adulthood.

We also had fun exploring the small town of Dieppe and had an exciting day in Paris visiting a museum and an art gallery. It was the first time I had been inside an art gallery and I can clearly remember that we all expected that visit to be the boring bit. Far from bored, we actually happily squashed onto benches and took sketches of our favourite paintings, to recreate back in the classroom.

Seeing famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe and Notre Dame come to life after spending so much time learning about them in the classroom made the day that much more entertaining. The trip remains a really special memory of my school days.

Denise, Sales Support Team

We went on a drama department theatre trip to London to see Blood Brothers. All being budding stars of stage and screen, excitement levels were understandably through the roof. We were enthralled by the show and I know I will never forget the excitement of waiting for curtain-up at that first West End performance. We were singing the songs around school for weeks afterwards and I remember pretending to be the narrator. That day ignited somewhat of a passion for me and it is now long ago that I lost count of just how many times I’ve been to London’s Theatre Land.

Jo, Sales Executive

I remember a big double decker coach turning up for a trip to the Battlefields of the Somme when I was at high school. I really didn’t know what to expect, despite having been working on a project to do with the area for weeks prior to the trip. Were we going all this way to see a field? I thought. But it was of course so much more memorable and poignant than that. The sheer volume of memorials and the names of those who fought and died there put all those history lessons into sharp focus. It was such an important experience for me, far more moving that any of us had expected. I can clearly remember the calm and the quiet that descended over the entire class, a pack of 14-year-olds all silent – that in itself was something quite unique within my school.

Suzanne, Sales Executive

Growing up in a remote Northumbrian village, my first visit to London was an experience I will never forget. It was a different world. The buzz, the noise and the lights around Piccadilly Circus caused a lot of excitement as we made our way to a West End Theatre on the first evening. We all felt so grown-up to be in the capital with so much going on around us. The second evening was equally mind-blowing for us small-town folk; Wembley Stadium was filled with several thousand people waving flags and cheering – it was electric. I decided that day that London was the best city in the world and, further, that one day I would move there. And I did!

Tim, Sales Executive

I remember an art department trip to Kew Gardens when I was in secondary school. I really enjoyed seeing all the weird and wonderful plants and trees in the tropical glasshouses. It was a great day out and I have to admit that until that day I had no clue I could see tropical plants in London. We sat and sketched the flora for what seemed like hours and, if I remember correctly, we did a project on the things we had seen once we were back at school.

Richard, Sales and Customer Services Manager

My most memorable school trip was to London, being on the coach and seeing Buckingham palace and the mall was a fantastic experience. We had lunch at St James Park and I remember thinking I would love to eat there every day. I can’t remember where we stayed that night but I remember it being a two-day trip because the next day we took a ride on the Thames Clipper.

Clair, Sales Executive

I remember going on a great trip to Barcelona, it was amazing! There was so much to see and do, we were guided through the historic quarter and saw Gaudi’s awe-inspiring Sagrada Família, and we had a little time at the beach too. I felt like I learnt so much in those few days about the culture and history, and about myself.