Sporting Sessions

Your students will have a chance both to try something new as well as enjoying more established sports. The sessions are delivered by coaches from the National Governing Body of Sport and will be suitable for all abilities, with time to find out about and play the sport, before experiencing competition. 

Athlete Mentors

During the festival your students with have the unique chance to meet with and be inspired by athlete mentors. Find out more about the YST athlete mentor programme that helps young people in their emotional wellbeing, resilience and attitude to learning here
Athlete Mentors 

Get To Grips With Judo 

Delivered with the help of British Judo, this session will include a judo demonstration, an opportunity to experience the sport and a fun-based competition.

Learning & key outcomes: The participants will get an understanding of a martial art, a hands-on experience of a close contact combat sport and an introduction to the competitive element of judo.

Boxing For Beginners 

The session with England Boxing will include coaching from one of our England coaches covering basic movements and actions followed by non-contact challenges and games.

Learning & key outcomes: A basic understanding of stance, guard and basic attacking and defensive techniques.

Ball Skills With England Netball & Fun Match Play

This coaching session with England Netball coaches which will cover basic ball handling and passing skills. Participants will then put their new skills into practise in some fun match play. Never played before? Don't worry, the coaches will cover off all the positions and rules.

Learning & key outcomes: For all participants to feel comfortable handling a netball and able to use effective passing in a game situation

Try Rugby

The session with England Rugby will develop individual passing, running, catching and kicking skills, as well as attack and defence team skills; helping get players ready for non-contact and modified contact formats of the game, with an emphasis on fun and getting active.

Learning & key outcomes: An understanding of key rugby skills and the opportunity to put them into practice in a game.